Born to Fly!


Copyright Diana Williamson (c)2016 – All Rights Reserved

Today, our Staff Writer & Managing Editor Diana Williamson talks about becoming the best you!

It’s no wonder there are countless stories about an ugly duckling who goes through an initiation of some sort, before turning into a magnificent swan. Having the courage to be different, to uncover and follow your own truths, can be challenging. But it can also unlock a pathway to your own personal greatness.

Venturing outside the “box,” and finding the courage to work through and break free from your fears, can result in a transformation of miraculous proportions.

Anthony Robbins, the well known “Peak Performance Coach,” talks about how he was once depressed, broke, overweight, and living in a shoebox, bachelor pad in Venice Beach, CA. He turned his life around and is now an international success who helps others including Oprah and Bill Clinton!

There are many great, inspirational people who came from humble beginnings and who fought great odds to become successful. Jim Carrey used to be homeless. He had to drop out of school to help support his family and they became so poor at one point, they were living in a van! He’s now the go-to comedian for mega-blockbusters.

Stephen King’s first novel was rejected more than twenty five times! Thomas Edison apparently failed thousands of times before inventing the lightbulb. His attitude? “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

These inspirational beings illustrate what one can do, once one sets one’s mind to it. And it’s easy to learn from the greats nowadays. There are countless books and webinars by motivational speakers, meditation seminars and nutrition and exercise classes. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance to steer you in the right direction.

It’s never too late to make a change. There are many late bloomers. Bram Stoker didn’t write his epic book “Dracula” until he was in his fifties and Julia Child didn’t even learn to cook until she was thirty six!

As the year draws to a close, it’s a perfect time to join in the communal ritual of making New Year’s resolutions. There’s nothing like a goal written down on a piece of paper to help solidify one’s resolve. Posting affirmations in your workplace or home can help remind and encourage you to stay the course.

Once you learn to make peace with your past and let go of things that weigh you down, you will be able to focus better on where you want to go. Visualize the future of your dreams and begin moving in that direction. After all, it all starts with the first step, before a bird learns to fly.