About us

Niagara In Harmony is an online magazine focused on helping the people of Niagara live in Harmony with their body, mind, environment and much more.

Our vision is a community that excels at being in harmony with themselves and their surroundings.

Our mission is therefore to become the main source of information in the Niagara region for healthy, eco/green living, working, doing business, etc.

We will do that by being a news aggregator for the Niagara region on all things healthy/green/eco happening in our community, as well as publishing advice from local professionals in the area, and a calendar of events.

We walk our talk! Currently, the Owner, Publisher and Editor in Chief is Maira Bay de Souza. She has volunteered in community gardens for 3 years, uses her bicycle to run errands in the summer (instead of driving) and owns a Social Enterprise called The Ten Percent company. More about her (including her motivation to start this magazine) can be read here.

For publishing opportunities, please see this page. For all other inquiries, including job opportunities, please contact us here.